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I first went to Veracruz in 1983 to run rivers, and soon was spending quite a bit of time in that neck of the woods, with the goal of establishing a sustainable river business with local partners and employees.

Due to a variety of circumstances, I had not visited for almost 5 years when I returned in June of 2008 with my fiance Stephanie and our daughter Ashleigh. My partner and compadre Ernesto Hernandez was eager to show off his latest active tourism products, and we were eager to be his guinea pigs.

Stephanie and Ashleigh have had a very limited exposure to the "real" Mexico, but are comfortable with the idea of exploring a little deeper. Our trip was also partly a graduation gift to Ashleigh before she starts College in the fall.

We flew from San Antonio to Mexico City airport, which since the last time I was traveling much in Mexico, has been upgraded considerably. One of the pleasant upgrades is that there is now first class bus service direct from the airport to Xalapa, our initial destination. (more about Xalapa)



















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